Suppliers of Quality Agricultural Lime to Victoria and Southern NSW

Improve soil health with Glencoe Lime for increased production in crops and pastures.

Lime is a soil conditioner made from crushed limestone. The benefits of adding lime to your soil include:

  • Reduced soil acidity
  • Essential nutritional Calcium is available for plant growth
  • Improved uptake of plant nutrients
  • Beating Aluminium toxicity.

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Gippsland based Glencoe lime is 100% Australian owned and has been proudly associated with agriculture since 1939.

Glencoe Lime products are:

  • User-friendly. Our semi-dried product has been purposely dried to the optimum level of 8% moisture, easy to handle yet not so dry and dusty that it drifts on to your neighbour’s land.
  • Highly porous coral lime. The porous structure of coral lime particles enables the acidity to penetrate the lime. The higher reactive surface area enhances it’s ability to reduce soil acidity.

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Quality Lime Products for the Agricultural Industry

We offer three main products:

  • Semi Dried Lime for reduced soil acidity
  • Dried Lime which is mainly used as a stock feed additive
  • Glenmag for soils with Magnesium deficiency

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Glencoe lime is available through most fertiliser distributors in Victoria and Southern NSW.

Talk to your local agent about placing an order at a competitive price.
For more information about using our highly porous coral lime products to improve your soil health, send us an email.

Glencoe Lime supply Limestone products, Dried Lime, Semi Dried Lime and Glenmag to the Agricultural Industry throughout Victoria and southern New South Wales

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